About  Sterilization box

Q:Can Sterilization box Clean Anything Else?

A:Yes,you can use it to sanitize just about anything. If you can fit it inside, senerport will sanitize it.

Q:Canyou sanitize and charge the phone with a protector on?

A:My phone can be sanitized and charged with case, if your phone can’t charge, I suggest that you take off the protector. 

Q:Does the box have to be plugged into an outlet to work or is there a way to charge the box?

A:Our product has to plug into an outlet to work because the disinfection power that be consumed is high. And the sanitizer box can't be charged.  

Q: How does one tell if the box is working. The power button light goes on; it goes off. There’s no way to discern if the contents of the box were sanitized.

A:The UVC indicator is flashing that means the box is working, 
Actually, the UVC is sterilizing inside and it will turn off automatically when you open its lid in order to protect your eyes from uvc harm. 

Q:How long does a sanitization cycle take?

A:5mins as a cycle.

Q:Does this sanitizer box have any sound/voice to it?

A:No sound.

Q:Can you sanitize numerous articles at the same time, like a couple masks, gloves, a phone and set of keys?

A:It depends on the size of your item. If it is a small item, you can put a lot of it, if it is a mobile phone, you can only put one.

Q:How does this ensure that the side edges of the phone are cleaned? Given that the light is only facing one side

A:Once. There is a certain angle in this sterilizer box, you can disinfect both sides.

Q:Whatare inside dimensions? Will this fit all phones including iPhone X?

A:I don’t know the dimensions of the sterilizer box, but my 11pro max can fit it.

Q:Can it charge for my galaxy 7without cable

A:Yes, you can.

Q:What's the warranty on this product?

A:I saw that it has one-year warranty from the user manual.  

Q:Can I charge my phone while disinfecting?

A:Of course, there are wired charge and wireless charge. 

Q:How do I know if it’s working?

A:I open the video recording in my phone before I put the phone into the sanitizer box, and I got a video about the statues of the lamp while it is working 

Q:Can you put paper products or books in this?

A:Yes, you can, but it has the limits of size.

Q:Is the lamp bulb replaceable?

A:Em… I don’t know, but if you want to change, you can contact with senerport. 

Q:Is this easy to use?

A:Super easy, plug the adapter, place the phone, close the lid and open the button.

Q:Does the cell phone have to be off?

A:you needn’t to turn off the phone.

About  LED Wand

Q:How will I know when it’s working? It seems nothing happen after long press the button.

AThere is a child lock at the end, please check the child lock is unlocked firstly, it protects kids from the UV light if they play it. 

Q:What is the warranty?

AWe provide 12 months quality warranty.

Q:Is the battery rechargeable? How long can I use it after charged?

AYes, it is rechargeable Lithium battery. It supports 30 more cycles after full charged. 10mins of each cycle for light up sanitizing.

Q:Is it dual pack price?

ANo, it is single piece price.

Q:Can I charge it with any charger at home?

AAbsolutely you could use any wall charger or car charger with USB A port to charge it, it packed with a piece of USB A- Type C cable, it is very convenient to plug the USB A to charger and Type C to the wand for charging.

Q:What is the most effective distance between wand and surface for sanitizing?

AIt is about 30mm or 1inch according to the instruction, and also it is better to scan back and forth for 10 times.

Q:Why the LED beads are not look same?

AThere are 8pcs of UVC in brown and 8pcs of UVA in white as the image description. UVC light for sanitizing and UVA light detects dog urine dry stains, etc.